Elementary Wave Theory

TEW an alternative to quantum mechanics, waves travel in opposite directions as subatomic particles


If you want to know what quantum weirdness is, try watching  Dr. Quantum’s introduction to the weirdness of a double slit experiment. (5 min video). The Theory of Elementary Waves (TEW) provides a simple and logical answer to Dr. Quantum. He never thought of the idea of waves traveling in the opposite direction. He considered every other possible explanation, but not that one.

Here are four of my YouTube videos that have been watched by thousands of people:

Re-thinking a Wheeler delayed choice gedanken experiment In this video you will meet Lewis E. Little who discovered elementary waves.

A ‘quantum eraser’ erases nothing

An experiment not explained by quantum mechanics

An experiment that contradicts wave particle duality

     I have slowly been learning how to make a good video. An ideal YouTube video would be 5 to 15 minutes long, humorous or fascinating, and give an in-depth analysis of the Theory of Elementary Waves. I have made some progress. My goal is to become more like C.G.P. Grey, who can create interesting videos on topics almost as complicated as the one I am tackling. See for example his video, “Humans need not apply.”


  1. Laura Fenn
    Posted May 7, 2015 at 11:50 am | Permalink

    Have there ever been real experiments to supposedly prove the delayed choice/eraser phenomenon and entanglement or are they all just thought experiments?

  2. RichP
    Posted June 1, 2015 at 3:00 pm | Permalink

    I watched your video “An experiment that contradicts wave particle duality” with interest. What struck me is that the analyser crystal appears to be behaving like a resonator, in “focussing” energy at a particular wavelength. When a neutron interacts with the crystal, I imagine it sets off a resonance inside the crystal, with a phase that is related to that of the neutron’s wave (I prefer to imagine the latter as a wavelet associated with the neutron), the resonance in the crystal gradually decaying like the vibration of a drum skin. Having been set resonating by the first neutron, the analyser crystal is then in a state where it can interact with (i.e. interfere with) the neutron wavelet that has been delayed by passing theough the bismuth. Without the analyser crystal, the delayed neutron wavelet arrives too late to interact with the first neutron wavelet, which has already passed blade D, so no interference is observed. To my mind, this experiment evidences the wavelet nature of the neutron, and requires no time travel nor reverse waves to explain the result. Does that sound plausible in your opinion?

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