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Great video. well explained and logical. Certainly the simplest explanation in my view. Your attitude is great and very conducive to the progression of thought in this area. Thank you.
Peter Geri, YouTube

If you can explain this so greatly, why don’t you have a Nobel prize yet?
Alfred Stormpike, YouTube

For me this feels more natural and intuitive than quantum mechanics.
qpmkro, YouTube

This man is awesome!!
Nikhil Pareek, YouTube

I like Jeff’s arrival – simplicity – panache – style.
K Russell, YouTube

I have a degree in physics and I have been thing about this for a long time. You have a very decent interpretation of quantum mechanics.
owjak2, YouTube

One of the most lovely weirdo docs on YouTube. Greetings from Germany.
Inbetrieb, YouTube

To me personally his view is ingenious (once it is understood, and it took some time). And can be a relief of quantum-weirdness — which indeed sometimes worked on my brain like headache from bad vine or special mushrooms… so it is healing like a good cognitive therapy, thanks Doc! Once understood — then it is cleverly simple. Problem solved.
To Fu, YouTube

Nice to see there is one intelligent person left on the planet. There is hope, humanity is not doomed.
Frank Morreale, YouTube

I’m giving you a thumbs up just for being brave enough to make this video Jeff. You’re a good bloke.
Steve Two Sheds Brough, YouTube

These videos are really interesting and well done by the way!
Virtueman1, YouTube