Did you ever wonder why quantum mechanics (QM) is so heavily mathematical that it is impossible to get an intuitive feeling for it? It is because from the beginning there was a mistake in the QM picture of reality. In Nature quantum particles follow waves backwards. If you doubt that, try looking at the 6 minute lead video on this website. Since Nature violates our expectations, the experts couldn’t picture it.

If you build your mathematics on the way Nature really works, you end up with probability amplitudes that are the negative of the QM probability amplitudes. When we test our theory in the lab, we follow the Born rule: we square the amplitudes to get a probability. So if “ψ” is the wave function according to quantum math, and “-ψ” is the wave function according to Nature, then the probability is: P = |ψ|^2 = |-ψ|^2. That means that quantum math is dead accurate, but we can’t organize a picture of the quantum world because we got it backwards.

Jeff Boyd’s Reverse-QED is so accurate that if the distance from Los Angeles to New York City were measured with this degree of accuracy, then the error would be less than the width of a human hair. R-QED equations have swapped the bounds of integration of the QED path integrals.

Thus QM gives you a picture which is the mirror image of reality. Because of the Born rule the probabilities are accurate. Because they got everything backwards, they can’t explain the quantum world to students. So we students of the quantum world don’t get a clear picture from our teachers.