When I began presenting Elementary Wave Theory to meetings of the American Physical Society in 2010, I was surprised that the main objection many listeners had was that Elementary Waves convey zero energy.

Critics claimed that zero energy waves could not possibly do anything. Elsewhere in this website I have addressed this misconception (the waves of quantum mechanics convey probability amplitudes, not energy). This experience led me to see that science today only looks at half of nature, namely that half that has energy. Wave particle duality makes Elementary Waves invisible to scientists. This website is devoted to making the invisible half of nature visible.

Many visitors to this website point out that we are opening the door to a spiritual world. Many visitors interested in bio-energetics, Chinese medicine based on que, and a wide variety of spiritual traditions tell me they are enthusiastic about EWT.

I have a spiritual life. I don’t talk about it here because my view is that we do best if we keep our natural sciences separate from religion. I enjoy learning about Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Taoism and Native American spirituality. My own tradition is the Episcopal Church, a denomination in which I am ordained.