Paradigm Shifts

The Theory of Elementary Waves (TEW) is a paradigm shift. A paradigm shift means that an idea comes along that is based on assumptions that are so drastically different that they make no sense to leading scientists. The new approach leads to a worldview that the leaders in science denounce as unintelligible gibberish, not even worth thinking about. Because the major advances in science come via paradigm shifts, therefore scientists must always be uneasy because some crackpot theory may turn out to the key to the future. The world created by the Internet means that young people live amidst a paradigm shift that the older, non-digital generations, cannot understand.

How the continents arranged to form Pangea

Here is an example of a paradigm shift. Alfred Wegner proposed in 1912 that all the continents had previously been joined in one super-continent, for which he coined the name “Pangea.” Not only do today’s continents fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, but also the record of fossils fit together, as shown in this diagram. His idea of continents drifting apart was rejected by all leaders of science and by geological scholarly societies as garbage not even worth thinking about. Even his father in law denounced Wegener’s stupid idea. Many decades later it was discovered that the sea floor was not flat, but the Atlantic had a mountain range down the middle, consistent with the idea of sea floor spreading. Thus plate tectonics was born. Wegener was the founding father of plate tectonics, which is the foundation upon which all geology is based today.

In 1996 Thomas Kuhn published a book about scientific revolutions, showing that paradigm shifts involve such a drastic change of starting assumptions that the leading scientists find it is absurd and say it is not even worth thinking about.

One of the paradoxes of the 21st century is that leaders in quantum physics all agree there is something fundamentally wrong with quantum mechanics, nevertheless they are not open to the Theory of Elementary Waves as a way to fix it. If you ask the leaders of science today about TEW they will tell you that it is unintelligible gibberish, not even worth thinking about. This author has had dozens of scholarly articles rejected by leading journals of science and math, without peer review. The editor simply writes, “Not appropriate for this journal.” An editor of the journal Science wrote an email back in 15 minutes saying, “Not the kind of thing we publish.”

Here is another example of a paradigm shift. Euclid’s Elements were based on Axioms, and the entire edifice of geometry was taught for 2200 years based on the assumption that Euclid was true. However Nikolas Lobatchewsky (1793-1856), a Russian mathematician, was dissatisfied with Euclid’s fifth postulate (Axiom 11), about parallel lines. That Axiom is not true of the surface of the earth, which is curved so that a triangle from the north pole to the equator along the prime meridian, 90° longitude around the equator, and then back up to the north pole, is an equilateral triangle with three right angles (90° each). By showing that Euclid’s geometry was untrue on the surface of the earth, Lobatchewskiy caused a paradigm shift, that allowed the non-Euclidean geometries to arise. Einstein said that Lobatchewski changed the axiom. This paradigm shift allowed Riemann’s geometry to arise, which in turn made Einstein’s General Relativity possible, with its curved spacetime.