About Jeff Boyd

Jeff Boyd
Dr. Jeffrey Boyd
After getting his math degree from Brown University, then going to medical school and working a decade as a researcher at the National Institutes of Health, Jeff Boyd was Chairman of Behavioral Health at a Yale teaching hospital.

He learned Elementary Wave theory (EWT) from his cousin Lewis E. Little

It was Lewis who discovered the theory. Jeff is the primary spokesman for that theory. He presented EWT a dozen times at conventions of the American Physical Society and published twelve articles in peer reviewed journals of Math and Physics.

His YouTube videos are recognized as hilarious, intuitive and provide a clear window into the world of EWT.

Those whose minds have been turned into a Möbius strip by quantum weirdness say Jeff cured them of their mental anguish. He is famous for saying,

“Just because you are insane doesn’t mean you are wrong.”

Jeff Boyd

Formal recognition

Jeff Boyd was appointed a Reserve Medical Officer by President Ronald Reagan.

Certificate appointing Jeff Boyd by Ronald Reagan