About Jeff Boyd


Dr. Jeffrey H. Boyd is a retired M.D. physician in the United States. He is a leading expert in the divergence of Albert Einstein versus your smartphone, and has a series of YouTube videos on that subject. He is trained in mathematics at Brown University, and has advanced degrees with diplomas from Harvard, Yale, and Case Western Reserve Universities, and was on the faculty of the National Institutes of Health (USA) as an epidemiologist. For half a century he worked as a physician, taking care of sick people in hospitals and doctors’ offices, until he retired in 2020. Now he is working online to promote a new perspective in science, to accompany the two dozen scholarly articles he has published in peer reviewed journals of medicine, physics, mathematics and chemistry.

Dr. Boyd is known for insights into how Einstein’s relativity diverges from the assumptions of our smartphones, since the latter are based on an assumption of absolute simultaneity, whereas Special Relativity is based on an assumption of no simultaneity.

Jeff’s YouTube videos are recognized as hilarious, intuitive and provide a clear window into the world of the weird aspects of science.

“Just because you are insane doesn’t mean you are wrong.”

Dr. Jeffrey H. Boyd

Formal recognition

Jeff Boyd was appointed a Reserve Medical Officer by President Ronald Reagan.

Certificate appointing Jeff Boyd by Ronald Reagan