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Jeff Boyd is formally trained in mathematics, medicine, world religions and epidemiology. He has degrees from Harvard, Yale, Brown and Case Western Reserve Universities in the United States. He is an ordained clergyman. Over the past half century, the author’s work and income have been through his practice of medicine. His passion was caring for indigent patients with severe chronic illnesses. In 2020 he retired. His scholarly work has focused on TEW, a radical revision of QM originally invented by his cousin, Lewis E. Little. Boyd was sole author of two dozen scholarly articles on TEW published in peer reviewed journals of physics, math and chemistry. His website is ElementaryWave.com.

The Theory of Elementary Waves (TEW) was discovered by Lewis E. Little after thirty years of hard work alone. The Eureka moment was when Little realized that particles follow Elementary Waves backwards. Little taught TEW to his cousin, Jeff Boyd. At first Jeff was just a spokesman, promoting TEW at meetings of the American Physical Society (APS). Little assigned to Boyd the task of developing a mathematics for TEW, since Boyd (unlike Little) has a mathematics degree.

The accuracy of Quantum Mechanics (QM) means that the probability predictions of QM are accurate. However, QM does not use probabilities. It uses the square root of probabilities, which are called “amplitudes” or “wave functions.” But every probability has two different square roots: √P = ±ψ. Jeff says that QM made a mistake by basing its math on +ψ, whereas nature uses –ψ. The difference between +ψ and –ψ is a totally different picture of how nature is organized. Instead of wave particle duality, you find particles following waves backwards. This means the world is far more interactive than science has previously recognized.

Jeff feels called to promote TEW as a solution to the intellectual and spiritual muddle produced by QM. Until now he has avoided discussing his spiritual commitments because so much of science is controlled by scholars who are fiercely opposed to a religious perspective. If you mention spirituality, many of them immediately assume you are narrow minded and bigoted. However, when the author looks at the big picture it is those anti-religious scientists who are narrow minded and bigoted. The world needs scientists who have the courage to declare what motivates them to serve humanity by promoting science. The author’s scientific compass is defined by these words from the Bible: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (Gospel of John 8:32).

Jeff’s YouTube videos are recognized as hilarious, intuitive and provide a clear window into the world of TEW.

Those whose minds have been turned into a Möbius strip by quantum weirdness say Jeff cured them of their mental anguish. He is famous for saying,

“Just because you are insane doesn’t mean you are wrong.”

Jeff Boyd

Formal recognition

Jeff Boyd was appointed a Reserve Medical Officer by President Ronald Reagan.

Certificate appointing Jeff Boyd by Ronald Reagan