Elementary Wave Theory

TEW an alternative to quantum mechanics, waves travel in opposite directions as subatomic particles

double slit experiment: ElementaryWave.com

double slit experiment:



An elementary wave is a zero energy wave that a particle follows backwards. Half of nature is elementary waves, but science denies their existence. Thus an elementary wave is a rogue idea. Anyone who takes an interest risks being dismissed as a crackpot. New paradigms in science always appear ridiculous to the establishment. 

An entertaining 9 minute video, called “An insane idea about quantum physics,”  explains our viewpoint.

   If you wanted to find someone to champion this idea, you would recruit someone with a Nobel Prize. Instead, the person who steps forward to defend and promote this cause is Jeff Boyd, a psychiatrist who is comfortable with insanity. If you take the elementary wave issue seriously, you will wonder if you are insane. You will speak and no one will listen.

The elementary wave campaign is in part the story of Jeff Boyd’s struggle to believe that he has something important to say even if leading scientists are contemptuous. Boyd takes himself as seriously as Don Quixote who tilted against windmills in La Mancha Spain, in 1610.